App Icon, which is made up of a iOS 6 Camera icon inspired camera lens, with the same green dot from the built-in camera in Macs, and a Hand Mirror in the shape of the macOS app icon shape that has a glass-like reflection and red curtains as a background, throwback to Photo Booth.

Hand Mirror

A one-click camera check, right from the menu bar

Requires macOS Monterey or later,
click here for an older version

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Jay Peters, The Verge

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‘Hand Mirror’ is a must-have macOS utility

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What is this?

It's a macOS app that lives in your menu bar, and when you click on it you get a view from your camera.

Screenshot of the menu bar with Hand Mirror open, showing a camera view of the developer's face looking kinda stupid if I'm honest.

Yeah but why?

You know when you have to join a Zoom call but want to check your face first, or make sure nothing too embarrassing is in frame? So you open Photo Booth or something? But that's like 5 keyboard-presses at best? Maybe a one-click thing might save you half a second or something?

Why not just open Photo Booth instead?

Opening Photo Booth was exactly what I was doing, but I would use Spotlight, and sometimes it would open Photos instead, or I would open Photo Booth so much that if I just typed "Phot" in Spotlight it would default to Photo Booth and not Photos, and that's nice but not what I want — if I type "Phot" and hit return, I would expect to open "Photos" and not "Photo Booth". So that was getting annoying and I decided to build this instead.

Does this app do anything else?

A little bit yeah, I've received a lot of improvements and feature requests in the first two years of the app being out in the world, so I've decided to bundle them all in what I'm calling Hand Mirror Plus!

Screenshot of what appears to be a League of Legends game and a circle shaped window of the developer's face (again… it's getting old), like they're streaming I guess? You know those faces YouTubers make for their thumbnails? He is trying to do one of those I think, because he is getting old and thinks that's what streaming looks like

It's a one-time purchase that will give you all the current and future features added to the bundle, forever. And every time a major new feature is added, the price of the bundle goes up. So the current price is the cheapest it will ever be.

What's in Hand Mirror Plus today?

Screenshot of the corner of the Hand Mirror window where you can see a small and handy audio level meter. Screenshot of the Hand Mirror camera window, where Rafa is posing with the new macOS Sonoma reaction effects, this one is the lasers. Rafa thinks he looks cool, but definitely doesn't. Screenshot of the preferences window, with options to change the menu bar icon, size of the popover, dismiss behavior, and start at login. A lot of icons that you can pick as the Menu Bar icon for Hand Mirror, some resemble popular web cams Screenshot of the camera being trigger from under a Mac notch.

Do you happen to have some icons I can use with my Stream Deck?

Absolutely, my friend Cassio asked me for some and now everyone can get them, I created 3 variants in different styles. You can download them here.

I'm running an older version of macOS, can you hook me up?

Sure! You can download an older version of the app, that doesn't have any of the new features or bug fixes, it's as simple as it gets, but also super vintage and a collector's item.

It goes back to High Sierra, download it here.

Who are you again?

I'm Rafa, I'm a Product Designer who also makes apps on the side — you can follow me on Mastodon or Twitter if you'd like to do a nice thing for me.